November 4, 2009

The CFHFP: Session III

Michelle from Miami wants to know:

"Dear Madman,
You talk tough, but we know you're a softee deep down. Tell us about one of your guilty wedding pleasures ... and nothing pirate-related.
P.S. I think I may steal some details from your KFC-themed wedding."

Dear Michelle,

You've got me pegged: softee I am. But my guiltiest of guilty pleasures is one I don't mind exposing because I share it with over 10 million YouTube viewers. And that pleasure would be First Dance Surprise home videos.

2E's and I wish we had dance training like Brian and Katie, or the commitment to choreography like Chelsea and Daniel, the hip-hop sensibility of the Brubrakers or the eerie realism of the Thriller groomsmen. But we don't. And we're ok with that. Or at least we're working on it.

I can't promise, Michelle, that 2E's and I will partake in such merriment -- chances are we won't bust into grinding or rump shaking or kung fu fighting in the midst of our first dance -- but I did spend a good two hours this afternoon watching straight-laced couples blow the roof off of their respective reception halls with three decades of Billboard Top 40 pop sensations, and that has to count for something.

I'll let Brian and Katie take us out on this post. Brian? Katie? Here goes.

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  1. The Thriller groomsmen and Brian and Katie are setting a high bar... you and 2E's better get to work on that choreography!