January 13, 2010


I am thrilled to announce the first Groom Says Giveaway!

With Valentine's Day approaching, you want to show your groom that you care. And not just that "chocolate chip pancakes in bed" kind of care. You want to show him that you get him. That you connect with him. That you understand his plight.

What he needs most of all this Valentine's Day is a Groom Points Scorecard!

Brides -- make a comment on this post between now and Thursday the 21st at 10pm PST and tell me why you think your groom is most deserving or most in need of his own laminated scorecard.

Grooms -- Valentine's Day is about love, and that includes loving yourself. Write in and tell me why you think you're the best candidate for your own points tracker. 2 points for honesty.

Husbands, wives, MOBs, MOGs, life partners and significant others -- you're eligible, too.

Giveaway includes:
  • 10"x15" laminated limited edition 2010 Groom Points Scorecard 
  • Expo Vis-A-Vis wet-erase markers, assorted 4/Pack
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S.
The winner's name will be posted here on Friday, January 22nd. Happy commenting!



  1. My fiance, David, deserves this because not only is he amazing at helping with the dishes, taking me to the grocery store and sending flowers to my work, he's also in his 3rd year of law school! With all of his studying and papers, he deserves to be rewarded for also being interested in and even excited about helping plan our wedding!

  2. I know that my hubby is the MOST deserving, but in all honesty the wonderfully creative scoreboard won't help him. After ten and a half years of marriage he's exceeded all of my expectations, but thank you.

  3. Groom-to-be writing in...with Madman's endorsement of self-love for this lovingest of holidays.

    I think I might deserve the score card because of my many trips to the multiplex with my fiancee. In the course of a week and a half, we saw both "The Proposal" and "The Ugly Truth." (My fiancee is Canadian, so "The Proposal" was of particular interest.) Together, we've also seen "27 Dresses," "Becoming Jane," and one fateful afternoon, we watched the DVD of "Twilight." (And, for the record, I only fell asleep once.) I think the score card would be a good, graphic and numeric symbol of my commitment to her and her taste in film, even if my choice might have been "Superbad." And nothing says true love like choosing Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds over Michael Cera and Jonah Hill.

    Plus, in all honesty, I do make dinner, I don't mind cleaning up, and if I knew why putting hot rocks on someone was something people wanted, I would do that, too.

  4. Excellent responses so far! Only two days left to enter!

    And for the record, TJ - I would avoid the hot stones massage. Apparently they're not supposed to be that hot. Learned that the hard way.


  5. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!! I'd love to enter. I think my boyfriend needs this card because he wants to help but sometimes needs a little help!!

  6. I think my fiancee is deserving of this scorecard because he is by far the most helpful guy I've ever known. He loves doing things for me and always does it with a smile and without complaining. I've never known someone to be so selfless. Plus, he's been doing almost just as much planning for our wedding as I have. He really does deserve to be rewarded for all he does for me. I think the score card would be a really fun way to reward him for all he does.

    An example of how wonderful my fiancee is: One Sunday afternoon he put together a brand new bookcase he bought for me then helped me completely clean my room (vaccumming, dusting, purging of old items, etc.) and then moved my furniture around until it was perfect. All this took about 4 hours. Then as if that's not enough, he then helped my parents remove all the furniture from the family room (couch, desk, computer, recliners, tables, tv, etc)so the carpet installation people could come the next day and then he helped them put all the Christmas decoration stuff in the crawl space under the house. And that's just one example of all that he does. He really is extremely deserving!

  7. My boyfriend would love this card because he likes earning points. A lot. And this way he can earn them outside of video games. PLUS, he took me to Julie & Julia, every animated film that came out last year, watched He's not that Into You in hotel room, and drove 7 hours on I-10 by himself to get all our furniture to our new apartment.