January 25, 2010

Picking Your Battles (and Losing Most of Them)

I believe it was a great U.S. general who once said, "A good man knows when to raise his sword, and he knows when to retreat."

Actually, it may very well have been a groom.

While I'm a longtime activist for groom's rights (hell, check out the title of the blog), I'm no Norma Rae. We men aren't meeting in bunkers, communicating through confessionals, fighting the good fight for grooms' suffrage. We like to be involved but we don't expect to make decisions, for chrissake.

"A good groom knows when to nod and when to smile." End quote.

That being said ... there are those rare moments when I will push and pull for something that 2E's might be on the fence about. Take our wedding website, for instance. After sweating over our budget for months, 2E's was more than fine with a simple, traditional, [insert here] website. I was not. Nothing against those plug-in sites, but for two designed-oriented people, it seemed against our nature to go the simple route.

She was about 65% convinced when I began working on the design. I toiled through the night, saving the files in unsuspecting folders like Mac HD < Library < Logs < Qmaster (and I still don't know what that folder is for). I kept the design simple, manageable and as cheap as possible. When I revealed a first draft of the design, her 65% turned to 99%.

We were blessed in that our longtime web partner (Zach Katagiri) offered to put up the site for free as a wedding gift. 2E's was thrilled. 99% turned to 110%.

And here's the final result: Brussels 2 Brooklyn. Now all we have to do is teach 1/4 of our guests how to access the internet.



  1. I love the Website! It is awesome. I wish I could be so creative. FI 1e and I have one of those insert here sites.

  2. would you be willing to call out the 1/4 so some of us could offer TA? I'm sure its not 2Es side of the family :)