January 22, 2010

Who Scored the Scorecard

Last week I introduced the first Groom Says Giveaway, an opportunity for brides and grooms alike to write in and tell me why they deserve an original, limited edition, FREE laminated Groom Says 2010 Scorecard. This prize has so many adjectives it's almost silly.

We had five excellent entries ... and it was a close call ... but the scorecard goes to CINDY! 

[dramatic balloon drop insert here]

Here is a snippet from Cindy's very convincing argument:

"An example of how wonderful my fiance is: one Sunday afternoon he put together a brand new bookcase he bought for me then helped me completely clean my room (vacuuming, dusting, purging of old items, etc.) and then moved my furniture around until it was perfect. All this took about 4 hours. Then as if that's not enough, he then helped my parents remove all the furniture from the family room (couch, desk, computer, recliners, tables, tv, etc) so the carpet installation people could come the next day and then he helped them put all the Christmas decoration stuff in the crawl space under the house. And that's just one example of all that he does. He really is extremely deserving!"

Yes he is, Cindy! Why? Not necessarily because he helped you clean your room. Cindy's fiance spent his Christmas helping his future in-laws move furniture and take down their decorations. This is a serious health and wellness issue. Cindy's guy accrued hundreds of points over the holiday break and clearly has no means of keeping track. This must end.

So Cindy -- send me an email at thegroomsays@gmail.com and tell me how I can get your guy on the right track.

Mucho thanks to the other four contestants. Tim -- hang in there buddy. Help is on the way.


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  1. You know what I can't stop thinking about... What would I score on "The Wife Says Scoreboard"? Yikes! What are the things that men look for to score; no pun intended. Unless, of course, that's all they look for. Hmmmmmm...