January 15, 2010

The Person at Extension @$&! is Not Available

10 minutes on hold with 3-1-1, a transfer to the NYC Marriage Bureau, and this is what I get:

The person you are trying to reach at extension 3-6-5-2 is unavailable. Your call is being transferred to a voice mailbox system. Unfortunately, the person at extension 3-6-5-2 does not subscribe to the voice mailbox service. Goodbye.

I managed to locate another extension on a message board floating through the world wide web, so I called that number. That person did subscribe to the new and exciting voice mailbox service, so I left a clear and detailed message ... though, in retrospect, I might get a quicker response if I were to scribble the question on old parchment paper, stick it in a discarded wine bottle and toss it out into the Pacific.

The response may come back in Japanese...

答え、狂人はあなたの中心に、ある。 あなたの中心に相談すれば方法を知っている。

...but at least I won't feel neglected.


  1. what does the japanese mean in english?

  2. Good call, Mr. Aames. The text reads (roughly):

    "The answer to your question is in your soul. Look there, and you will find it."