January 18, 2010

STD Awareness

2E's had been talking up the Save the Date since October. She was eager to get it out before New Year's for two good reasons ... or ... one good reason and one other reason:

(1) because over 75% of our guests will be traveling and will need to find accommodations, we needed to think of this as a destination wedding. We wanted to give our attendees (esp. those with kids) ample time to find their hotel rooms, book their rooms, book their flights, plan their trips, etc., and

(2) if we got it out by early-to-mid December, the Save the Date could double as our Christmas card.

One thing we kept in mind -- something that helped us speed things along -- was that we didn't want our Save the Date to trump the invite. And we needed it to be cheap; with all the expenses approaching in the next 9 months, we couldn't put a load of $$$ into what is essentially a precursor-to-invite.

So without sucking months out of our lives or hundreds of dollars out of our pockets, combining our own graphic design skills and the beautiful work of our engagement and wedding photographer, Noah Devereaux, we were able to put together the following:

We thought about photoshop-ing in a large black hole beneath me ... but 2E's decided it was too morbid.


  1. These are fantastic!

  2. Loved it as a save-the-date and as a Christmas card.

  3. Hahaha love the title! Totally caught me off guard! And your STD is awesome! :)

  4. Did you see the Save the Date cards from GiveAcaricature.com? Very fun! Check them out at http://www.giveacaricature.com/savethedateweddingcaricatures.shtml