October 4, 2009

Creative and Boring

This morning 2E's attended an informal Wedding Registry Brunch at our local Crate and Barrel. Sadly, I could not attend but suggested she go without me ( <---- cue moral support).

After a few free mimosas, 2E's went gunning for items. She added a rug and a "framed piece of wood art" - don't ask me - to our wish list before coming up with a little give-a-bride-a-gun game called What's More You and What's More Me. She toured both floors of the store, searching for the items that encapsulate us.

Here's hers:

Yup. It's a 3-tier cupcake stand. It's got all the charm of a vintage bakery display with three tiers of looped wire cups [that] stand tall on delicately curled feet. It's "loop handle" makes for convenient transport. It "disassembles" for simple cleaning and storage.

It's goddamn adorable.

And here's mine:

A set of square, white appetizer plates. There are 12 of them. White. Porcelain rimmed squares. Square. Sized for modern entertaining. Dishwasher safe. Packaged in a Crate and Barrel artwork box. See additional photos.

She's a cupcake holder. I'm a plate set. Appetizer. I need a minute.

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  1. Aahhhh, the square, white appetizer plates. I think that may have been the first thing we registered for! And trust me ... you BOTH will love them ;-)