October 22, 2009


Once again 2E's and I spent the entire day in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), eating breakfast, lunch and that odd meal in between at the same local deli and crossing through cobblestone streets to revisit our potential reception venues. The now-preserved historic district was coined DUMBO in the late 70s to deter Manhattanites from moving to that precious patch of real estate right across the river.

DUMBO is home to Grimaldi's (see Inspiration #24), where the pizza is unreal, and Jacques Torres, where chocolate goes to better itself, and Bubby's, a sweet waterside Southern-home-cooking restaurant and bar where 2E's and I have spent some wonderful afternoons. DUMBO is home to artists and businesspeople and sweatshirt designers and antique furniture vendors and anything but actors ... poor, out-of-work actors. Nonetheless, it feels like home. I mean, look at this place:

Tomorrow we'll be scoping out another venue and meeting a potential caterer at a Starbucks on the Upper East Side. If it doesn't work out, at least we had our afternoon coffee. 

God. I am such a Starbucks whore.

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