October 7, 2009

What's in a Date

Last week 2E's and I celebrated our anniversary ... one year prior to the day that we might be married depending on venue availability.

And by "celebrate" I mean that I didn't realize that it was something we were supposed to celebrate but acted as much when she mentioned it later that night. I also had some celebratory ice cream. Not exactly in celebration but rather because I have ice cream 4 days out of the week, so there was a 4 in 7 chance that I would have ice cream on that particular evening ... which I did.

Needless to say, 2E's had a bouquet of gerber daisies waiting for her the following morning ... one year prior to one day after the day that we might be married depending on venue availability.

I approved our tentative date with 2E's at the end of September. 10-2-10. It's not a palindrome but it has that feel to it. It could be a movie title. Or a locker combo. I won't forget it. It meets my needs.

Even spelled out - October 2, 2010 - it's gosh darn pleasant. It's well-rounded, at times even ovoidal. Clean. Crisp. No 7s. Schulz's Peanuts first premiered on the 2nd of October, as did The Twilight Zone. Groucho Marx was born on the 2nd. So was Kelly Ripa. Most notably, October 2nd was declared the International Day of Non-Violence to commemorate the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. That's got to mean something, people.

And, hey, when you do a google image search, this is what comes up:

What more could you ask for?

Last year it was Biden and Palin's vice presidential debate, and next year it will be our wedding day. (Maybe. Very possibly. Depending on venue availability.)

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