October 15, 2009

Status: Married

I read about this late-teens couple, Jake and Jessica, who had a destination wedding back in June. A good number of their friends weren't able to make the trip on account of the financial burden, so the couple decided to record the entire experience with Facebook status updates.

The FB newsfeed looked something like this:

Jake Barnes standing at the altar, waiting for jess, borrrrrred (j/k)

Jessica Holtz is flipping out like she's never flipped out before cause she's getting married people!

Jake Barnes tom is like the worst best man ever, and he smells like garlic (haha, j/k tom)

Jessica Holtz bouquets are HEAVY

Jessica Holtz walking down the aisle now, who are these people?

Jake Barnes i saw jess first!

Jessica Holtz > Jake Barnes did not! i totally saw you first!

Jeremy Gray at Jessica and Jake's wedding, borrrrrred (j/k guys), watching that baby panda sneezing video on my iphone

Jake Barnes > Jeremy Gray oh my god that video is awesome

Jessica Holtz > Jake Barnes jake! get off your phone and say your friggin vows!

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