October 21, 2009


If we were superstitious people, we might have given up about 10 minutes into the trip, right around that time when the plane that we'd boarded last night returned to LAX with a sea of firetrucks trailing us to the gate. An unnamed "mechanical issue up here at the front," while comforting to some, threw 2E's into an uncharacteristic panic.

But this was no omen of things to come. If we were to describe our first 12 hours in New York in a concise, two-word adjective in our best valley girl accent, it would be TOTALLY PRODUCTIVE!

We began with a much-needed nap, an even-more-needed shower and then our classic New York engagement shoot with Noah Devereaux. An hour or so with make-up genius (and longtime friend) Kim Bower, our morning Starbucks and thousands of awkward but wonderful moments walking through Dumbo beneath the Manhattan Bridge. And with results like these, who could not be pleased as punch:

We're such Starbucks whores.

Please note: Noah is an absolute miracle worker for getting us these "favorite pics" in six hours time. 2E's is in another uncharacteristic panic to see the other three hundred-something photos.

We followed up the shoot with some venue hopping:

1. The Dumbo Loft: a small, ground floor space with exposed brick and cool columns and an altogether "abandoned warehouse"-type atmosphere. There are cons, like the aluminum Halal truck that lives just outside, but -- then again -- this is the view from the front steps:

2. 450 Union: a Jewish non-profit owns this enormous and elegant Park Slope space with elaborate chandeliers and a live-in cat named Diego. Sadly, the elegant venue is not in an elegant area and gives the wrong impression to guests traveling from far and wide. Moreover, the place is far too big for our too modest shindig.

3. Superfine: a rehearsal dinner venue option, this unsuspecting, local Dumbo bar and restaurant is so hip it hurts. Oh, and Steve Buscemi was there, so ... I'm sold. We'll be eating there tomorrow night and figuring out the proper pronunciation (2E's gives it an Italian su-per-feen-ay, while I prefer to call it "Superfine!", i.e. "Damn, that rehearsal dinner venue is superfine!"). And check out the bizarre drawing on the side door:

Our last act of the evening was meeting our DJ at the Union Square Whole Foods, who won us over within minutes with demo CDs featuring Beck, Spoon, Modest Mouse and -- oh -- all the other artists I would include in our soundtrack for life ... if our life was an awesome 80s pop slash hip-hop extravaganza.

Tomorrow is no less stressful. Can't friggin' wait.

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  1. glad new york has been succesful so far. the pics are amazing. the starbucks one is a great shot. and the other fits the personality of yours i remember when we were young. but i have some inspiration, remember the classic one e birthday bashes your dad threw? pizza hut, mini golf, go carts, batting cages, ice cream and then sleepover (which of course included a nerf war in the morning.) think about it. haha