October 28, 2009

Respect the Respite

We know that God was a man. We know this because there was a day of rest.

Had God been a woman, who knows what she would have accomplished in those last 24 hours. She might have taken an eighth day just to ensure that everything was working properly and that she didn't go over-budget.

Men understand the need for, the importance in, the significance that is held by and the concept behind the day of rest. Or the hour of rest after a long day. Or the five minutes of rest after a 55-minute workout. It was a man who allowed ten minutes for students to travel between high school courses. A man who invented the coffee break. Had a woman been in charge, one class would meld into another seamlessly while coffee is pumped intravenously into our bloodstream.

On the return flight from JFK, 2E's could not help herself. She emailed vendors asking what our "next steps" would be. She requested floorplans. She made to-do lists.

Yes, plural.

Yes, there's one for me in there, too.

Silly me, to think that we'd somehow earned ourselves a week of rest, or a day even, after seven days of non-stop wedding shopping and hasty decision-making. "You can rest on our honeymoon," 2E's tells me. "Right now I need you to look over this spreadsheet."

I should zip my zipper -- clearly my naivete is showing.

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