October 27, 2009


On our last day in the old city, 2E's and I shot some photographs for a wonderful friend and event designer who had put together two parties for Continental Airlines and the Star Alliance. It was an absolute trip, and not only because the mini-Angus burgers and mini-ice cream cones were off the chain, but because we've spent the past three months planning a budget-conscious wedding with a do-it-yourself mentality, and there we were at a 1,200-person event that spanned two floors at the Museum of Natural History's Planetarium. No cocktail table left unadorned, no expenses spared. Both parties were miraculous.

Even more trippy are the circular scales built into the floor of the venue that tell you what you weigh on other planets. My weight on Jupiter is 330. On Jupiter I am highly self-conscious.

This whirlwind week concluded and culminated in a coffee slash lunch date with our engagement portrait photographer, who gave us the remainder of the photos and some 80-something of his top choices. To use a term from childhood, we were flabbergasted and truly moved by the artistic (and oftentimes architectural) nature of them all without any loss of personality or intimacy or simple beauty. And yes, I do have an example of such a photograph, you disbeliever you:

2E's took one look at the photographs and cried on the spot. I told Noah this was not only normal but complimentary. Then we dug into our sandwiches and natural-ish fruit juice and said our farewells.

The week concluded and culminated yet again (about two minutes later in fact) at the Red Mango yogurt shoppe just around the corner.

Tomorrow we return to LA at an unkind hour. We can't wait to get off our feet and back into our weekly rhythm, but the word is out that we miss Brooklyn already. Sad too is the fact that leaving the city brings our coolness factor back to 1. And yes, that 1 is contingent on us not watching a Lindsay Lohan movie on the return flight.

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