October 19, 2009

Model Wedding

2E's has become an expert in inspiration gathering. An artist, even. She's narrowed down her websites-to-browse and has stopped emailing me -- realizing that the chance of me opening the link and sharing her appreciation of its contents are as good as the chance of rain in LA -- opting to hoard the files on our laptop in a folder marked INSPIRATION in a sub-folder called OCT 09 in a sub-folder titled FROM THE INTERNET.

In the past week, she's been assembling the inspirational materials into a collage. It's an art form within an art form within a sub-folder named COLLAGE. To demonstrate, I've created a collage based on a vintage Kentucky Fried Chicken-themed wedding:

And, because I can't resist:

The collage helps us envision the event as a whole and see how the various components come together into a well-conceived whole. In our KFC sample, notice how the life-sized Colonel goes hand-in-hand with the side mashed potato escort cards. And our groomsmen KFC uniforms with the 20-piece bucket centerpieces. In incapable hands, these items might clash.

In a brilliant move, 2E's decided to seek out models who we somewhat resemble and who fit our vintage Brooklyn theme. This gives us a realistic glimpse into how we will fit in with our overall "look."

Finding the perfect models was no simple task. It's the work of an artist. An art form within an art form within an art form within a sub-folder within a sub-folder within a folder on a desktop and backed-up on a external drive appropriately titled WEDDING.

Dempsey wishes he was part of this. Keep wishing, Patrick. Keep wishing. 

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